About Penny & Snouter

We are two handsome pigs who live in North Yorkshire. 

We were born in August 2009 and came to live at Ashes Farm in November 2009.

We are brother and sister and have Kune Kune parents and somewhere six brothers and sisters.

About Us:

Me, Penny Pig, 24th September 2010

Me, Penny Pig, 24th September 2010

Penny Pig: I am the very pretty girl pig with thick golden coloured fur with black patches.  I like eating, escaping, harassing the three geese that live with us, snouting hens when they are not looking, growling at Snouter and sleeping.  Please call me Penny Pig, not Penny or Pens, I like Penny Pig or Pretty Penny Pig.  I don’t like the cold or snow or sheep.  We are Kune Kune pigs, which is Maori for ‘fierce warrior’.  I run an excavation and reclamation business.

Snouter: I am the handsome boy pig with a very distinguished long, strong Tamworth

Me: Snouter 6th December 2010

Me: Snouter 6th December 2010

 snout.  I think this comes from my grandfather who was a Tamworth and had a fling with my Grandma who was a Kune Kune.  I have luxuriant ginger fur and very big, intelligent ears.  I like eating, sleeping, scratching, piddling and having my tummy rubbed.  I like all fruit, even oranges, grapefruit and lemons and all vegetables, especially potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, leeks, tomatoes and cheese.  I don’t like snow or the cold or when Penny Pig growls at me.  Or injections.  Or vets.

About Our Work

Penny Pig: I run a reclamation and excavation business.  Snouter is the hired help.  We dig foundations for farmers when they are building and we prospect for buried treasure or find lost valuables for people.  Please send us a message if you would like us to give you a quote.

Snouter: in my spare time, I fly a small Sopworth Camel.  I have a leather flying hat and goggles and look for lost sheep for farmers, treasure or truffle woods.  I like truffles.  My co-pilot is usually one of the chickens who also has a flying hat and goggles.

Our Piggie Palace

We have Piggie Palace (Mk IV) which is made of two raised pallets secured together, laid with strong board and strong wooden sides (to scratch on) and a roof that is insulated with straw bales.  Inside is lots of clean straw to make a nest in.  Our Piggie Palace is very clean and tidy, we regularly snout the straw around to make nice big fat cushions when we go to sleep.  

Our Piggie Palace is inside the Piggie Parlour which is a stone outbuilding with a new roof to keep us draught free and warm.  We do not like the cold or the rain or snow.  We have a trough with fresh water in it, a play station that is a tree stump to gnaw on and scratch against, two empty till bags to shake about, two footballs and some chains to snout when we are bored.  We have a nice paddock to dig up, some shady areas and a mud pond to roll in when it is ever sunny, which is not often. 

Our Autobiography

We wrote our autobiography in December 2010.  You can look at it here.


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